The Janáček Brno international festival – the only biennial which presents Leoš Janáček directly in the places where he worked, lived and created for more than fifty years.

The festival is based around opera performances by Czech and foreign opera companies, the juxtaposition of differently conceived stagings by major figures and the presentation of world premieres and previously unseen original versions of works by Leoš Janáček. The festival features symphonic and chamber concerts, matinees, colloquia, programmes for children, exhibitions, alternative concerts, and theatre and film performances linked with the composer.

A brief history of The Janáček Brno festival:

2021 – The Autumn Final Janáček Brno 2020/2021

7th year 2020 Janáček Brno

2019 – Preview concerts

6th year 2018

2017 – Preview concerts

5th year 2016 Expectation

4th year 2014 Happy Birthday Leoš!

3rd year 2012 Genius Loci (P. Haas, J. Berg, M. Ištvan, E. W. Korngold…)

2nd year 2010 subtitle: Janáček versus Expressionism (A. Schönberg, Anton Webern, A. Berg…); in honour of Sir Charles Mackerras

1st year 2008

year zero/2004 all Janáček’s operas staged

The International Opera Awards

It has only taken six editions of the biennial Janáček Brno festival for it to work its way up to being the best festival in the world. Janáček Brno was the first festival in the Czech Republic to win the prestigious International Opera Awards prize for the best festival of 2018 (for more information, please see: