Here you will find a selection of responses to this year’s Janáček Brno Festival, we will gradually add more:

„Eternal life for the downtrodden?“ Read a new review about the opera From the House of the Dead and the Glagolitic Mass. Many thanks to Bachtrack and Gianmarco Segato for these beautiful words.

06.11 – From the House of the Death,, Robert Ferrer


Interview with Eva Urbanova (Katya Kabanova ND Prague), OperaWire, Alan Neilson


8.11 – The Weeping Fountain, Opera Wire, Alan Neilson


6.11 – Pavel Haas Quartet,, Robert Ferrer


13.11 – Katya Kabanova, Bachtrack, Gianmarco Segato


06.11, From the House of the Death / Glagolitic Mass,, Balázs Csák



Interview with the director,, Balázs Csák



12.11 – Notebook of the Disappeared,, Gianmarco Segato


4.11 – Concert of the SOČR and PFS,, Pedro Lapeňa


9.11 – Katya Kabanova ND Prague, Bachtrack, Gianmarco Segato


Interview – Roman Hoza, Opera Wire, Alan Neilson


02.11, From the Dead House / Glagolitic Mass, Ask-Enrico, Dagmar Postel


06.11, From the Dead House / Glagolitic Mass, Bachtrack, Gianmarco Segato


Article about Brno and the Janacek Festival in general,, Meinhard Rüdenauer